Wireless Security

Wireless networks often lack the robust security protections and are the most vulnerable entry point for an attackers to enter into organization’s internal network. Hence, it is very important for organizations to secure their enterprise wireless networks.

At CHS, we help our client’s in enhancing their overall security posture by adopting industry proven and advanced security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to their systems and data using wireless/Wi-Fi networks.

How We Do

As the networks grow in size and complexity, security concerns will also increase. To minimize the risks to enterprise Wi-Fi networks, prevent unauthorized access of their systems/data and balance the constant evolution of attacks in this growing digital world, CHS employs cutting-edge network security protocols such as WPA2 Enterprise, WPA3, etc.

Following steps are followed and implemented based on our best practices to safeguard our client’s enterprise Wi-Fi networks:

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Step1: Meetings

  • Conduct meetings with relevant stakeholders to understand the existing security measures and controls built in the organization to secure their wireless networks.

Step2: Implement WIDS

  • Implement a wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) and a wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS)to enhance our client’s existing security measures.

Step3: Encryption Requirements

  • Ensure all the existing equipment are free from known vulnerabilities, meets encryption requirement/standard and comply with the current statutory guidelines.

Step4: Institutionalize MFA

  • Institutionalize multi-factor authentication (MFA) for access to your network.
  • Secure the complete authentication transaction and communication using extendable authentication protocol, transport layer security certificate.

Step5: Implement a guest Wi-Fi

  • Implement a guest Wi-Fi network to ensure that organization information from main network is not accessible to guest users.

Wireless Security

Thus, we help our clients to simplify Wi-Fi security and enable more robust authentication to secure their enterprise wireless networks.


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Cyberhat is a truly clients-centric organization. My experience was awesome with Cyberhat as they are a team of highly skilled professionals and experts. They helped me to secure my whole Infrastructure from hackers in a very efficient manner. Thanks to the management and all team members for a great experience.

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Surviving the business competition is not a big deal for me as an entrepreneur, but securing my websites is. I can’t afford to lose confidential details of my business to hackers, which is why I trust Cyber Hat Solutions with website security. The company keeps security risks from taking a toll on my business.

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Leveraging the expertise of our highly qualified engineers

on vendor agnostic technologies / products and proven industry standards & tools, we reiterate our commitment to provide best in class application security testing services to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.