VOIP Penetration Testing

Most of the cyber-attacks are on publicly available critical infrastructure such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)telephone systems as it is a cost-effective alternative technology that is widely used in the organizations for day-to-day communications. We protect our client’s from man in the middle (MITM)attacks targeting their incoming and outgoing calls.

How We Do

We conduct VoIP penetration testing with different test cases using industry standard security checklists including ‘OWASP Top Ten, PCI Compliance, and NIST 800-53’ to give necessary security assurance to our clients on their VoIP infrastructure.

The following process/steps are followed to carry out VoIP Penetration Testing:

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Step1: Meetings

  • Conduct meetings with relevant stakeholders to understand and identify the scope and goals for VoIP Penetration Testing.

Step2: Freeze the SOW document

  • Freeze& Sign-off the SOW document and delivery schedule from client with mutual agreement.

Step3: Activities

  • Perform the following activities as part of VoIP Penetration Testing.
    • Application scoping
    • Mapping and service identification
    • Reconnaissance and enumeration
    • Vulnerability assessment
    • Application scanning
    • Reporting
    • Strategic mitigation.

Step4: Encryption

  • All the test reports will be encrypted using AES-256 encryption with secured password and delivered to our client through a secure file delivery mechanism.

Step5: Report

  • Once the report is delivered, we provide after-care support for a period of one to two weeks to address / clarify any of your queries that were identified from the test reports.

VOIP Penetration Testing

Our VoIP testing experts will assess the VoIP infrastructure from security perspective to identify the potential risks of attacks and maintain security of VoIP environment and associated traffic.


We make you remain safe and unthreatened


We withstand and recover quickly from your difficult conditions


We achieve significant result

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Cyberhat is a truly clients-centric organization. My experience was awesome with Cyberhat as they are a team of highly skilled professionals and experts. They helped me to secure my whole Infrastructure from hackers in a very efficient manner. Thanks to the management and all team members for a great experience.

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Surviving the business competition is not a big deal for me as an entrepreneur, but securing my websites is. I can’t afford to lose confidential details of my business to hackers, which is why I trust Cyber Hat Solutions with website security. The company keeps security risks from taking a toll on my business.

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Leveraging the expertise of our highly qualified engineers

on vendor agnostic technologies / products and proven industry standards & tools, we reiterate our commitment to provide best in class application security testing services to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.