Network Security Testing

In this emerging digital world, organizations are facing challenges to safeguard their customer’s data from external risks / cyber threats and deliver the services and solutions in a secure, reliable and timely manner while staying ahead in the competitive market. Hence, it is essential for organizations to protect their network and systems (internal and external) from unauthorized access, misuse, and other digital threats and ensure flawless output to their end customers.

How We Do

CHS offers wide-range of network security services to organizations to minimize the potential risks from cyber threats and thus safeguarding from costly losses that may occur due to data breaches, intrusions and other network security incidents.

We scan for threats, assess vulnerabilities in your network assets using our network test cases, which are prepared from experience and standard guidelines- National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), SysAdmin, Audit, Network, and Security (SANS), and Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM).

Following network security testing approach is implemented to identify, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities and other defects within your network and systems.

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Step1: Network Skimming

  • This assessmentassists in identifying the hosts connected to your network and ensuring the ports configured allowing only to secured network services.

Step2: Vulnerability Skimming

  • This assessment enables in finding the weakness and filling/improving the security gaps in your network or system.

Step3: Ethical Hacking

  • This assessment helps in spotting the potential threats, unauthorized access, and vicious attacks in your network or system.

Step4: Password Cracking

  • This assessment supports in identifying the possible ways of cracking the weak passwords and further reinforces in implementing a minimum password policy with strong passwords which are difficult to break.

Step5: Penetration Testing

  • This assessment allows in finding out the vulnerabilities, security flaws and other threats on network devices, services, web apps, mobile devices and domain name system (DNS).

Network Security Testing

Leveraging the experience of our expert professionals and proven security testing tools, we provide best in class security services to our clients assuring complete protection of their network and systems while minimize the external risks and cyber threats.


We make you remain safe and unthreatened


We withstand and recover quickly from your difficult conditions


We achieve significant result

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Cyberhat is a truly clients-centric organization. My experience was awesome with Cyberhat as they are a team of highly skilled professionals and experts. They helped me to secure my whole Infrastructure from hackers in a very efficient manner. Thanks to the management and all team members for a great experience.

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Surviving the business competition is not a big deal for me as an entrepreneur, but securing my websites is. I can’t afford to lose confidential details of my business to hackers, which is why I trust Cyber Hat Solutions with website security. The company keeps security risks from taking a toll on my business.

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Leveraging the expertise of our highly qualified engineers

on vendor agnostic technologies / products and proven industry standards & tools, we reiterate our commitment to provide best in class application security testing services to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.