Malware Analysis

In this evolving digital world, organizations with critical infrastructure or running its operations with high service level agreements (SLAs) shall have the ability to quickly detect malware and mitigate the potential treat accurately to ensure the business-as-usual (BAU).

With extensive experience in reverse engineering and malicious code analysis, our experts provide analysis of any language from all major platforms.

How We Do

We provide a comprehensive range of on-premises malware analysis solution to our clients covering all the required components to manage, investigate and deduct insights from a single source for both IT and OT environments using industry standard and open source based tools such as PeStudio, Process Hacker, ProcMon, ProcDot, Autoruns, Fiddler, Wireshark, X64dbg, Ghidra, Radare2/Cutter, and Cuckoo Sandbox.

There are five steps/stages involved in performing malware analysis:

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Step1: Requirements Gathering

  • Conduct meetings with relevant stakeholders to understand our client’s critical infrastructure and associated operations along with the security controls in place.

Step2: Fully Automated Analysis

  • This analysis will be performed using tools like Cuckoo Sandbox, an open-source automated malware analysis platform and other alternatives commercial and free tools with necessary tweaks/customizations to run custom scripts and generate reports.

Step3: Static Properties Analysis

  • This analysis will be performed within in isolated environment (i.e. virtual machine) using one of the free tools such as PeStudio to look at the files metadata without executing the malware.

Step4: Interactive Behavior Analysis

  • This analysis will be performed on a malware sample in isolation as the analyst observes how it interact with system and the changes it makes. This will be performed using tools such as Wireshark, Process Hacker, ProcMon, and ProcDot.

Step5: Manual Code Reversing

  • Reverse engineering the code of a sample malware will be performed to gain valuable insights of the malware uses such as – logic and algorithms, hidden capabilities and exploitation techniques and insights around the communication protocol between client and the command control side servers.

Malware Analysis

Depending on the client requirements and preferences, Malware analysis will be performed using any one of the two approaches – static analysis or dynamic analysis, where in a static analysis approach a malware sample is investigated without detonating it and in dynamic analysis, a malware is executed in a controlled and isolated environment.


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Cyberhat is a truly clients-centric organization. My experience was awesome with Cyberhat as they are a team of highly skilled professionals and experts. They helped me to secure my whole Infrastructure from hackers in a very efficient manner. Thanks to the management and all team members for a great experience.

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Surviving the business competition is not a big deal for me as an entrepreneur, but securing my websites is. I can’t afford to lose confidential details of my business to hackers, which is why I trust Cyber Hat Solutions with website security. The company keeps security risks from taking a toll on my business.

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on vendor agnostic technologies / products and proven industry standards & tools, we reiterate our commitment to provide best in class application security testing services to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.