Joker Malware is a recent exploit that has been causing hindrance all over India.

Joker Malware is a Trojan Malware that enters a user device in secret through an infected application. It will secretly collect and store the information of the user from the device. The collected information is then used by the Malware to subscribe to premium subscriptions without the user’s consent. This Malware is mainly targeting Android users and has been invading their SMS, Contact Lists, and device information.

The main purpose of Joker Malware is to generate revenue for the cybercriminals responsible through misleading advertising activities.


  • How the Joker Malware operates:


“The  Joker Malware works on the strategy of automating the necessary interaction with the premium offer’s web page by entering the operator’s offer code, then waiting for an SMS message with a confirmation code which extracts it using regular expressions. At last, the extracted code is submitted to the offer’s webpage, in order to enable the premium subscription”.  The malicious program is mostly subscription-based services;  the malicious program signs up users without their consent and is usually charged for several months.

Most of the Android applications, which aids the action of the malware are used predominantly in Asian and European countries.

An Android smartphone user is expected to make use of a SIM card. Without this SIM card, the malware may not be able to carry out its malicious operation.


The 8 infected applications carried out through the Joker Malware, check out the App list below:

  1. Auxiliary Message
  2. Fast Magic SMS
  3. Free CamScanner
  4. Super Message
  5. Element Scanner
  6. Go messages
  7. Travel Wallpapers
  8. Super SMS

As this information has surfaced, the Joker Malware infected Apps were removed by the Playstore. The people were informed by the professionals that even though the Joker Malware infected apps were removed from the play store, they can still cause damage if they remain on the user’s device. To get rid of the Malware from their device the user should immediately delete the Joker malware apps.


  •  The symptoms of a device suffering from Joker Malware, distribution methods and the damage caused are:

  • Joker Malware symptoms:


The device starts performing slower than usual. Various types of uncertain applications appear. The system settings are changed without the user’s permission.

The usage of data and battery is significantly increased. Browsers start redirecting to

various types of intrusive advertisements.


  • Joker Malware Damage: 


          The user suffers from significant data losses, they will also witness many financial losses.

The device suffers from a decrease in performance, the battery gets drained quicker than usual. A significant decrease in the speed of the internet is observed. Secretly stolen personal information, private messages and identity are some of the main issues of this malware, malicious apps will use the stolen information to abuse the communication Apps.


  • Joker Malware Distribution :

The main ways of this malware entering the device, is the Google play store and the infected email attachments is another way that people encountering the Joker Malware and various uncertain advertisements which cause infiltration, social engineering, deceptive applications, and other scam websites, all these play a part in distributing Joker Malware.

  • How to Remove the Joker Malware from Your Mobile Device

The first thing that should be done is to uninstall and delete both the apps and their APKs (Android Package Kit) from the Android smartphone. The next thing is to check whether there are any subscriptions to premium services done.

If you discover that the device is subscribed to any premium services which were not originally authorized by the user, then the subscriptions are cancelled. Exercising caution and paying attention to the permissions that are asked by the apps are important. The app’s permissions are checked from time to time.

Joker malware is a form of Trojan that reportedly downloads a secured configuration from a command-and-control (C&C) server by the installation of an infected app in a masked manner.

The Hashes of noted joker malware are :

  • Removal of Joker Malware from the device:
  1. Open Google Play Store application.
  2. Go to Menu > My Apps & Games.
  3. Select the compromised game or app.
  4. Choose to Uninstall.
  5. Repeat with all compromised apps.
  • How to avoid installation of malware:

Irrelevant emails from unknown, suspicious addresses containing attachments or web links should not be trusted. Links and files should not be opened without being sure. Software should be installed through direct links from official websites or channels. Installed software must be updated and activities from time to time through the official developers. To eliminate malware attacks on device’s security researchers recommended scanning with anti-malware software such as Avast, Malwarebytes and ESET.

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