Endpoint Security

Endpoint security or endpoint protection is an approach to protect the computer networks that are remotely bridged to client devices. Hence, organizations must implement an advanced endpoint security solutions to detect, analyze and guard against cybersecurity threats to these endpoints on a network or in the cloud.

How We Do

Our endpoint security experts provide a complete endpoint protection solutions on your network or in the cloud against all phases of advanced cyber security threats.

Following steps are follows in implementing an endpoint security system to improve network safety and resilience.

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Step1: Requirements Gathering

  • Conduct meetings with relevant stakeholders to understand our client’s critical infrastructure and associated operations along with the endpoint security controls in place.

Step2: Discover

  • As part of this activity, we will monitor and discover all the devices that are connected to our client’s network.

Step3: Inventory

  • As part of this activity, our endpoint security experts will perform the inventory of the OS, firmware and software versions running on each endpoint and prioritized the vulnerabilities to create patching schedule.

Step4: Monitor

  • As part of this activity, we will monitor the endpoints, files and the entire network to identify any potential unknown changes and process or policy violations.

Step5: Protect

  • As part of this activity, we will prevent cyber-attacks from compromising our client devices and in protecting their sensitive information falling into cyber criminals.

Endpoint Security

We provide a comprehensive range of endpoint security management services to our clients with a wide range of endpoint of protection solutions that assists them from being exploited by malicious actors and campaigns.


We make you remain safe and unthreatened


We withstand and recover quickly from your difficult conditions


We achieve significant result

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Cyberhat is a truly clients-centric organization. My experience was awesome with Cyberhat as they are a team of highly skilled professionals and experts. They helped me to secure my whole Infrastructure from hackers in a very efficient manner. Thanks to the management and all team members for a great experience.

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Surviving the business competition is not a big deal for me as an entrepreneur, but securing my websites is. I can’t afford to lose confidential details of my business to hackers, which is why I trust Cyber Hat Solutions with website security. The company keeps security risks from taking a toll on my business.

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Leveraging the expertise of our highly qualified engineers

on vendor agnostic technologies / products and proven industry standards & tools, we reiterate our commitment to provide best in class application security testing services to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.